Below, you’ll find suggestions for other helpful online resources to aid in your learning.


  • GoodRx: Apple, Google
  • MayaPro: Apple, Google
  • MDCalc: Apple, Google
  • Society for Vascular Surgery: Apple, Google
  • U.S. Prevention Task Force: Apple, Google
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  • Textbooks
  • Books
    • An Introduction to the History of General Surgery (1968) by Richard Hardaway Meade
    • The Development of Modern Surgery (1968) by Frederick F. Cartwright
    • The Making of a Surgeon (1970) by William Nolen
    • A Surgeon’s World (1972) by William Nolen
    • Ice Bound (2000) by Jerri Nielsen, Maryanne Vollers
    • When Breath Becomes Air (2016) by Paul Kalanithi
    • Clinical Reasoning: How Doctors Should Think (2022) by Howard Herrell

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